Being flexible

Enjoy made-to-measure workspace that can be altered to suit your needs, and contracts that do the same. Worship Square offers flexibility of all kinds.

Bend it, shape it.

Welcome to your new office. It is designed as the perfect home for future-facing, efficient and agile businesses – suiting you right down to the ground.

As developer, contractor and building manager, we are able to design, deliver and operate a building tailored precisely to your business needs.

Our unique integrated model lets us dramatically reduce your costs by timing your move-in date to perfection. Aligning our delivery programme to your desired timings reduces overlap –when you are saddled with two rent bills – and lowers delivery risk.

Space to grow.

There isn’t usually much stretch in bricks and mortar, but at Worship Square we have created an unusually flexible workspace. Here you can have as much or little room as you need, whilst having the ability to organically expand and contract under one roof. You can also enjoy the freedom and efficiency of on-demand, pay as you go spaces from additional workspace to meeting rooms and event spaces.

Flawless floors.
Worship Square features highly efficient, rectangular floorplates with few columns. These spaces are easy to plan, simple to divide, and allow you to place connecting stairwells almost wherever you want them.
Shells, cats and keys.
Opt for either a Shell and floor, Cat A or fully-fitted Turnkey delivery based on your desired timings and specifications. Designed to your specifications, our turnkey solution brings significant cost- and time-savings of up to six months compared with the conventional model.
Service flex.
We manage and operate our buildings directly to give you the very best daily experience, as we know the power of personal touch.

We will create a bespoke servicing and maintenance programme, which means you don’t get charged for the services you don’t need.