The six pillars we Worship

The best places are created on conviction. Based on a core set of principles by daring dreamers. That’s us. We call them our pillars, and they’re there to make sure that, no matter what we do, we keep these ideals at the heart of everything.

1. Protecting the planet

We want to help save the world. No – we’re going to help save the world. Worship Square has had sustainability built in from the very beginning, which is why it will be fully net zero carbon. And, more than that, it will use super-smart tech to keep it running sustainably for decades to come.

2. Nurturing wellbeing

Above all else we need our people to be happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve designed Worship Square to inspire joy. Multi-functional fitness studio with tailored classes, thousands of plants and aesthetically pleasing to boot. Oh, and let’s not forget the incredible communal roof garden thrown in for good measure.

3. Tailoring services

Imagine you could create your own package of services: dedicated concierge, ESG reporting and analytics, classes, and events all designed specifically for your own workforce. Our ethos is to give you the kind of experience that makes a meaningful difference to each day.

4. Working smart

Hyper-efficient spaces meet super-smart tech (or as we call it – the brains). All your tailored services are available and bookable through our integrated app in a matter of clicks making your working day so much easier. Limitless, resilient wi-fi and power allows people to work anywhere, uninterrupted.

5. Being flexible

We believe that different is beautiful and difference is to be celebrated. If you’re business isn’t like anyone else’s – why should your office be? That’s why everything, from a bespoke delivery to on-demand workspaces and the ability to grow organically is tailored to your business needs.

6. Community

The Worship Square community. We’re social animals who work better when we’re debating and collaborating. So, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to mingle, meet and network; whether it’s in the rooftop gardens or in the exclusive Worship Square Fitness Suite.