Nurturing wellbeing

Worship Square is designed to enhance physical and mental health - because we work better when we feel good.

Get physical.

Workplace wellbeing considers mental and physical health, and a person’s overall life satisfaction. With wellbeing as a top priority, Worship Square is designed for everyone’s comfort, happiness, inspiration and development.

On your bike.
Worship Square’s street-floor bike storage offers a seamless commuting experience. With 324 spaces plus six e-bike/scooter charging points and maintenance areas, it’s easy to ditch the car and enjoy a breezy ride to work. And if you don't have your own wheels, you can use one of our fleet of in-house Brompton bikes to take you to your next meeting in better style than a stuffy tube or gridlocked cab - free of charge.
Well fit.
Worship Square has its own wellness studio, so you don’t even need to leave the building to nurture your health and wellbeing. Join a fun fitness class, or chill out with a yoga session - the studio will have something for everyone.
Wash and go.
Active commuters and exercisers can have a nice hot shower at our health-club style changing facilities. Here, 19 private showers, 318 lockers, towel service, drying room, and vanity units with hairdryers leave little excuse not to get sweaty.

Be more you.

At Worship Square, superboost your mood on the communal roof terrace. Soak up stunning views, bathe your senses in the calming sights and sounds of nature and get involved in outdoor yoga and gardening classes. What’s not to love?

We produce our best and most creative work when we feel at ease with ourselves. Worship Square supports emotional health by encouraging outdoor working in green spaces, hosting summer socials, self-development classes and organising exciting events.

The therapeutic benefits of getting hands-on in the garden are well-known, which is why we want to offer everyone the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and join gardening workshops on the communal terrace – all materials supplied.

Feel fresh.

Delivering 15 litres of fresh air per second, per person, WorshipSquare’s system keeps CO2 levels low to reduce tiredness and boost focus and productivity. Where higher CO2 levels are detected, fresh air is delivered exactly where it’s needed.

Working in spaces with plenty of natural light helps keep people alert and regulates sleep patterns. Meanwhile, working in an environment free from noise pollution reduces stress and helps with focus, productivity and memory retention. It could even reduce our chances of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Plant power.

Research shows that contemplation is key to working at our best. For this, walking or sitting in nature is always the first choice. Worship Square offers visible greenery throughout your day.

You’re never far from a plant here, from the tree-lined Square to the big green heart of the double-height lobby and the communal terrace, which together will house 3,200 specimens of 90 NASA-approved air-purifying plants.