Working smart

From its super-flexible design, to smart building technology, the building bends and shapes to meet your needs - you could say Worship Square's got brains.

Take control.

Worship Square is fitted with technology systems that improve building efficiency, lowering both costs and carbon emissions. Data is analysed and shared with you to help with reporting, while fingertip controls allow you to create a healthier and more pleasant working environment. With technology underpinned by the latest SmartScore principles, Worship Square’s status as a next generation tech-enabled building is guaranteed.

Enjoy efficiency.

Worship Square is designed, constructed and managed to optimise use of all resources and to minimise waste, enabled and supported through technology.

With a central nervous system that extends to every corner of the building, Worship Square can sense temperature, air quality, light and energy consumption. The building continually monitors and analyses information about the indoor and outdoor environments, creating insights to improve health and wellbeing.

Stay connected.

Nothing is more important in the day-to-day running of a business than internet and mobile connectivity. Which is why we have created a super-digitally connected building with multiple fibre routes, fixed wireless service providers and wifi in common areas. The building’s high WiredScore also guarantees strong mobile reception throughout the building.

Super smart, super secure.

The security of the building and its systems are paramount. From physical safety to the strength of its cybersecurity, Worship Square is designed and managed to deliver a safe and secure workplace to all its users.

The Converged Network System pulls together data from CCTV, the Building Management System, access control, lifts, lighting and energy and water meters. This data helps turn Worship Square into a truly smart building that reduces energy-use, and that puts itself to bed at night.