Protecting the planet

Sustainability is the backbone of Worship Square - everything from its design to how it's built and run on a daily basis ensures people work in a true net zero carbon environment.

Fully net zero carbon.

At Worship Square, sustainability goes far beyond a box-ticking exercise. It has to. In August 2021, the IPCC reaffirmed that the world must reach Net Zero Carbon emissions to avoid irreversible climate change.

HB Reavis’ integrated model allows us to optimise and integrate every aspect of the scheme. It has been designed, constructed and will be managed to achieve its goals of being Net Zero Carbon in both construction and operation.

Ahead of its time for predicted energy use, Worship Square uses complex energy modelling to align it with the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Earth day, every day.

Worship Square works hard not to waste water and energy. Its low-energy design and sophisticated Building Management System mean you consume as you use, lowering emissions and significantly reducing operational costs.

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. This means supporting your business to achieve its sustainability goals, with metering, monitoring and reporting of energy performance to help you get there.

(Recycled) material world.
Worship Square’s construction is underway and will see 100% of demolition materials diverted from landfill, and recycled materials put to use in its creation. We are aiming to have no single-use plastic used in the building’s day to day running.
Air and power.
Worship Square is an all-electric building, using Air Source Heat Pump technology, onsite photovoltaics and renewable electricity providers.

The advanced building fabric includes high-performance glazing and a high solid-to-glazed ratio, achieving a 70% improvement in air leakage rates on 2013 Building Regs requirements.
All-electric building.
Worship Square is an all-electric building, using Air Source Heat Pump technology, onsite photovoltaics, and renewable electricity providers.