Welcome to

We’re the newbie on the block. 140,000 square feet of workspace that actually makes working more enjoyable.
People who work here can wind-down, work-out, collaborate
and get happy - and happy people save the world.

Worship Square is altogether better.


Each of Worship Square’s attributes feeds and amplifies the others. This is not so much a building as a living system – with people, planet and business at its heart.

Technology enables bespoke five-star services and also helps the building to cut its carbon emissions and operate more sustainably.

We are cultivating a space that’s years ahead of its time, providing an environment for biodiversity, biophilia and people to thrive in harmony.

Offering the flexibility to use on demand collaborative spaces and a calendar of diverse events nurtures community. Feeling like we belong in a community boosts our wellbeing. And being healthy and well helps people to work at their best.

Worship Square is altogether better.

What guides us

01. Protecting the planet.
Sustainability is the backbone of Worship Square - everything from its design to how it's built and run on a daily basis ensures people work in a net zero carbon environment.
02. Nurturing well-being.
Worship Square is designed to enhance physical and mental health - because we work better when we feel good.
03. Working smart.
From its super-flexible design, to smart building technology, the building bends and shapes to meet your needs - you could say Worship Square's got brains.
04. Tailoring services.
Worship Square harnesses technology to create 360-degree services tailored to its tenants and their teams. From data analysis for ESG reporting to the hotel-style concierge services, bespoke classes and events.
05. Being flexible.
Enjoy made-to-measure workspace that can change according to your needs, and contracts that do the same. Worship Square offers flexibility of all kinds to tenants and users.
06. Creating community.
We work better when we're all together. Enjoy yoga classes on the roof terrace, drinks in the Square on summer evenings and much more, making everyone feel included.

Sky-high targets.

We are proud to be working with some of the world’s leading sustainability, wellbeing and technology assessment organisations, helping us to create one of London’s most sustainable, smart and healthy commercial buildings that will be Net Zero Carbon in construction and operation.

Net Zero Carbon in
construction and operation
BREEAM Outstanding
Designed to be:
WELL Platinum
Wiredscore Platinum
Smartscore Platinum